To ensure effective and sustainable timber measurement service and its sustainable availability at the level of aims jointly defined by the timber purchasers and the sellers

To persistently increase credibility of the timber measurement and accounting services by improving protection of information and maintaining high loyalty requirements for the staff

To use profit from timber measurement and accounting services to strengthen their availability in long-term perspective and investment in development

To increase the volume of timber measurement services in the Baltic region


VMF LATVIA provides timber measurement, quality evaluation, and testing services throughout Latvia, including:

  • Measurements of saw timber and veneer – on automated sorting lines and individual measurements;
  • Measurements of pulpwood, firewood – during loading of ships, at the place of acceptance at terminals;
  • Measurement and quality control of woodchip – assessment of energetic value, fractioning;
  • Stock inventory – of pulpwood, firewood, saw timber, veneer and woodchips;
  • Control measurements – for internal control of accuracy, after client order, to determine the correction coefficient.

Provided measurement and testing services not only cover a wide range of industry products and satisfies different needs of customers, but also are performed only in compliance with recognized survey methods. In addition, VMF LATVIA contributes to the development of the forest sector by providing consultations regarding installation and adjustment of sorting lines and participating in various researches.

  • We provide our services to more than 140 clients per year
  • We measure more than 10 million m3 wood products per year
  • We participate in development of forest sector digital infrastructure.
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